3D Plinth/Turntable

I created a turntable earlier in the year as part of the learning process, it was so that we could have a generic scene in which to import models to render them out at high quality, and of consistent scale/render size and environment. I personally didn't like the idea of rendering all of my work on top of this plinth, I felt even as a greyscale object it detracted from whatever the art work was that you would be showing. It was also animated so that we could produce 360 degree animated videos/stills of models to showcase the work.

Plinths work in real life as they raise objects up and give them stature, where as digitally trying to show importance of a piece of work doesn't necessarily work in the same way. I personally prefer a simplistic approach to presenting work, allowing the empty space surrounding the model (blank space is rare when looking around the internet!) to let the piece breathe and stand out.